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Review of #SYMC

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference was fantastic. I know I said that I would blog every second of it, but I was completely naive of the mixture of exhaustion and rejuvenation I would be experiencing. There were so many things that rocked my world this weekend, and I’m excited to share them with you. “Pros” […]

SYMC Day 1 Recap

Today was the opening night of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  My mind is stinking blown, and I feel like one blog post won’t handle it all.  There are so many ideas that are floating around in my head, but I will just go ahead and do a quick recap! My Day of Networking I […]

Heather's going to #SYMC!

I am going to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  Tomorrow.  I just found out today.  Like two seconds ago. I really wanted to go, and for a while things seemed to be falling in place.  But then I had a few financial things come up, and couldn’t justify $400 for it. But then God did […]

How to Choose a Summer Conference

When it comes to summer conference options, there are probably more options for youth ministers than ever before in history. A simple Google search for “summer conferences for youth groups” will overwhelm you with options from Big Stuf, CIY Move and Mix, NYR, countless missions organizations, local camps, and tons more. Navigating all these options […]