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Slow Down Your Leadership

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There’s an old African proverb that says, “alone we go fast, together we go far.” You might get things done quickly, but if you’re not giving away leadership to willing and awesome leaders on your team, you’ll find that the only place you’re headed is burnout. And you’ll get there real fast. Try these three […]

Are you a spotlight leader?


The Orange Conference is coming up quick (in fact February 19th is a registration savings deadline!!) and so I thought I’d look back one one of my favorite talks I’ve heard in the four years I’ve gone. Several years back, Doug Fields gave an incredible message as he talked about the importance of being a […]

Tips for Having “The Talk” With Your Students

Tips for Talking About Sex with Students

This Fall, our student ministry tackled the “gods at war” series from Kyle Idleman. The series identifies false gods that war for our affection. From the moment we chose the series, I circled the date on my calendar when I would be teaching on the “gods of love, sex, and romance.” Every youth minister knows […]